Personal Ringbound Holographic planner - Ready to use !

  • €62.50

This pretty holographic planner is filled with inserts so you can start using it as soon as you receive it.

Due to material malfunction, we are sorry to announce that Silver Holographic foil will be replaced by Silver foil by default. If you would like some parts in Silver Glitter foil instead, please contact me before ordering.
The planner in itself is still a beautiful Silver Holographic vinyl.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

This Personal size planner (pages are 6.3/4x3.3/4in or 17.2x9.5cm) has everything.
It includes :

1 6rings planner with holographic cover, one inside pocket and a penloop
1 set of 6 foiled* and laminated dividers/dashboards,
6 Months on 2 pages with notes on the back,
4 months of Week on 2 pages,
1 month of Week on 1 page,
1 month of Week on 4 pages,
10 note pages (5 sheets),
3 pages of silver foiled* stickers,
2 glitter bookmarks.


All inserts are made with shimmer paper and are foiled* with silver.
The dividers are also foiled* with silver.
Stickers are foiled* with silver on glossy paper.

English is the default language, if you want to change it to French or another language, please add the languages add-ons for free when ordering.

If you want to change the quotes on the dividers, please contact me before ordering.

Bought individually, these products are worth more than 75€, in buying this planner, you get a 15% discount !


All my products are handmade, as much as I try to make the best quality possible, foiled products are not perfect and minors glitches may appear in the foil (black dots).
I am sure however that you will love those shiny cuties !

*Foil : Kind of paper with a metallic/shiny finish that reflects the light.
It is not just a printed effect.

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