Vinyl Headers, frosted finish - Macarons

  • €4.00

Those headers are made with vinyl sticker.
They are pastel colours with a frosted effect so they'll catch up on the light in a very subtle way.
You get a total of 32 headers and you can choose how to combine colours with the drop down menu.

Vinyl is difficult to capture so here's a description of the colours :

Candy Floss : Baby pink.
Glacier : Baby blue.
Melon sorbet : Peachy orange.
Mint : Light green.


On the last photo you can see colours combinations as follow (from left to right, bottom colour to top colour):

Mint/Melon Sorbet
Candy Floss/Mint
Glacier/Melon Sorbet
Candy Floss/Glacier
Candy Floss/Melon Sorbet

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