Bubble vinyl decal

  • €2.00

Stick those bubbles everywhere !
On your planner, your phone, pen holder, you tell me !

They are made of adhesive vinyl.
Decal is ready to use with a transfer sheet for easy placement. They measure about 6.50x4.50 cm (2.1.2x1.3/4 in).

Instructions :

  1. Make sure the decal is nicely stuck to the grid transfer paper by rubbing it with a scraper (or a ruler).
  2. Peel off the grid paper, the design should come with it, if pieces of vynil stay stuck to the backing, stick back, rub more and start again.
  3. Adjust the design on the surface you want to decorate, the lines are here to help with alignment.
  4. Stick the design and press it down, either with the scraper/ruler or your finger (for a glass or a tumblr for example).
  5. Peel off the grid transfer paper, if the design stay stuck on it, just hold it down with your finger.
  6. Make sure your design is stuck and rub off bubbles if there are any.
  7. ENJOY !


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