What is Gribulle ?

What's in a name ?

Gribulle is a play on (French) words. it sounds like "gris" and "bulle" which mean grey and bubble, and makes you think about kids drawing : "gribouille" which means scribble.
How to pronounce it, you ask ?

Gree - bull

It's easy enough. ;)


Why I started the shop

I've been very interested in everything stationnary since I was a teenager, so naturally, when I discovered the world of planners and stickers, I obsessed!

I started making some for myself and very soon thought "Why not share?"

So here it is, my pretty shop. 

Pretty and simple planner inserts ? You got it !
Glamourous foiled or shimmery inserts ? You got it !
Decorative sticker kits ? You got it !
Cute fonctional stickers ? You got it too !

I hope you find something you love, and if ever you don't, drop me a message at bonjour@gribulle.com, and I'll see what we can do about it ! 


Cheers, Maud.