What kind/brand of papers do you offer ?

The papers I use for my inserts are by the Clairefontaine brand, and certified FSC.

I use 100gsm smooth paper and 120gsm shimmer paper.
Both papers are pleasant to write on, and most pens won't bleed through.

For stickers, I use 4 kinds for now.
Glossy and Premium Matte have a photo finish and nice colour quality.
Removable Matte is a thin paper that don't bulk your planner and can be moved around a few times.
Clear paper has a semi glossy finish.

I also use vinyls for decals, acetate and vellum for Traveller's notebooks dashboards, and glossy photo paper for cards and dividers.


Can you explain the foil colours better please ?

Gold : Classic yellow toned metal.
Silver : Classic grey toned metal.
Rosegold : Pink toned metal, not coppery but not a true pink.
Rosé : Pretty and warm shade of gold. It's definitely a Gold and not a Rosegold, but different enough from the Gold. It's my personal favourite.
Silver Holo : Silver with rainbow reflections.
Gold Holo : Gold with rainbow reflections.
Silver Glitter : Rainbow glitter effect on silver.
Gold Glitter : Rainbow glitter effect on gold.


Do you sell printables ?

Not at the moment, but I may make inserts printables in the future.


I saw one of your insert designs I like but not in the format I want ?

Insert layouts are quick to design but long to make into a listing. Chances are it's designed but not yet on the website.
Pop me a message at bonjour@gribulle.com, I'll make it for you.


Custom and personalised orders

I don't *really* do custom orders at the moment.

However, if you have any question about a product, a tiny change you'd like to request, ask away ! I'm sure we can work something out =)
Plus, I do take suggestions for future creations, I'm only human and sometimes inspiration needs a little push ;)


Why is matte removable as expensive as glossy paper ?

I could answer "Glossy is as cheap as matte removable". =)
I understand shops that charge more for a more expensive type of paper.

I chose to sell my sticker sheets according to their format, not the paper quality. 
Large unfoiled sheets (18cm x12.5cm or 7"x5") are 3.50€ (~US$3.75), and medium unfoiled sheets (9cm x12cm or 3.5"x5") are 3€ (~US$3.20). 

When you buy a kit or a bundle, a discount is already applied in the price.


Can I see your website in French please ?
Je peux voir le site en français s'il vous plaît ?

I haven't had the time to translate it yet, this will come eventually.
In the meantime, if you don't understand well something, please leave me a message at bonjour@gribulle.com and I'll help you navigate.

Je n'ai pas encore eu le temps de le traduire, cela viendra sans faute.
En attendant, si vous avez quelque difficulté à comprendre quelque chose, laissez-moi un message à bonjour@gribulle.com et je vous aiderais à naviguer sur le site.


Speaking of... Why is the website in English and not French ? You are French, right ?

Oui ! I am French.
And while I completely agree that you should be able to read me in French, my customers come from all over Europe and the US (and even further : looking at you Australia !). I just thought it would be more convenient to have English as a common ground while I figure out how to have translations in more languages.
I translate most of my posts in French on social media, though.
I can also speak a little bit of Spanish and Italian, and I'm learning Dutch and Welsh.
Aaah if only I had a Babel fish... =)



For any other inquiries please contact me at