Sparkles dashboards - Folded or punched printed acetate dashboards

  • €3.75

Decorate your planner with those printed dashboards.

Dash boards are transparent, therefore the colours may be less vibrant than on photo paper.
For best results you may pair them with white paper.

Choose the size of your planner !
- TNs dashboards are folded in the middle. They come in a bundle of 2.
- Ringbound planner dashboards come in bundles of 4. Design is cut in the middle and punched accordingly.

This product can be bought in a bundle of 3 TN dashboards or 6 ring dashboards :
Closet Sparkles :

Flower and Hanged clothes.
Office Sparkles :
Flowers and Planner supplies.
Sparkles :
Flowers, Hanged clothes and Planner supplies.

If you want them unpunched, please leave a note when you order.

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